• Hello, this is a glimpse of my story...

    Thi picture was taken in Burundi, Africa, in 2009.

    Why midwife of Mother Earth?

    I love nature, especially trees & wild ocean. They are the mirror of our souls. When I spend time in Nature and I listen in and to nature, she reminds me of who I am, my true essence and my own wisdom.


    I met many tribes and communities of wise women by travelling around the world. I always remember the red colour of the Earth, in Africa, while I was travelling to a village to support a woman (or more) during birth. I observed a lot by being with women and traditional midwives about their way of being and giving birth. During every birth, many women gather under a hut to support the woman in labour by massaging her back, using smoke to cleanse and purify, holding space for her. In Africa giving birth is a community event and a celebration for every woman becoming a mother. I was looking with curiosity and wonder, reflecting on how this is lost in my world. And so Mother Earth reminds me of all these beautiful women I met in my journey. They heal our Earth and they are also part of my own healing.


    Every woman's journey in this life is an inner journey to re-remembering and re-discovering our essence and reclaim our victory in our divinity, reclaiming birth, reclaiming our power.


    More about my story :)


    I have always been a rebel and an adventurous soul since I was little. My inner strength, curiosity, courage and inner knowing brought me to amazing places in the world. My personal and professional growth has always been paramount. I worked in really remote places, in villages in the middle of nowhere assisting, holding space for women giving birth (giving to light, we say in italian). In my 13 years of midwifery, I have witnessed miracles and heartbreaking stories as well. I met incredible women, they have taught me that each woman should be her own body's expert. Her own midwife.


    At young age, it never crossed my mind to become a midwife. I don’t remember well how I took that decision, it was like a strong gut feeling telling me to sit the exam for midwifery. I remember the first day at the university, finding out that midwifery was the most amazing profession in the world.


    When I graduated, I knew I didn’t want to become a hospital midwife, I was craving knowledge about the art of midwifery. So I left for Africa and worked for few years as observer first, then as midwife trainer and supervisor (Burundi, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi). My heart is full of priceless, unforgettable moments and treasures from these experiences.


    I studied in a medicalised environment, but I always felt connected with something beyond me, and at the beginning, when I assisted to birth I knew that most of the teachings were really questionable. And so I self-studied, I observed a lot. I have always given, as conscious as possible, the best care, by giving voice to women and decreasing medicalisation which exists in a worrying extend everywhere in the world. In Africa, I have learnt a lot about women's health, global maternal health, how to support vaginal breech births and about midwifery ancient knowledge - allowing the nature of birth, like squatting position in labour (normally in the villages women give birth squatting, but most of the times they are not allowed in hospitals). In low-resource settings I also witnessed western medicine forcing women to disconnect to their roots, rushing them to give birth in hospitals where they are alone, as the majority of time birth companion is not allowed, birthing on beds in lithotomy, sometimes tied up in bed, where 80% of interventions are routine and unnecessary.


    In 2012, I moved to London where I worked as caseloading midwife & team leader providing continuity of care and home births. The experience as caseload midwife was one of the best as a midwife. I have learnt the importance of trusting relationship between a woman and a midwife. I advocated for women, supported their choices regardless of guidelines. I am so grateful I have witnessed so many gentle and undisturbed births. In 2015 I graduated at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, MSc in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research.


    In 2014-2015 I worked in Afghanistan as maternity manager for 9 months in a hospital of 20,000 birth per year. It was the busiest place I have ever worked so far, assisting about 80 births per day, coordinating the hospital and the midwifery team. Afghani people and Afghanistan landscape are amazing. Sadly, the trauma is rooted in this country, women's position in society doesn't really exist and I witnessed so many abuses on women. That broke my heart open. But their spirit, their courage, their strength are always with me.


    In these years, 2012-2016, I was on and off in Italy assisting home births. At the end of 2016, I moved to Australia for 5 years to work as Women's Health Advisor for a NGO. I coached 30 maternal projects in improving midwifery care and introduced respectful maternity care. I gave technical support, training, mentoring to maternity hospitals and birth centres in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Uganda, Chad, Pakistan, and more.


    Australia was my awakening, I really felt at home. I dived deeply into myself. I studied yoga, reiki, meditation, intuitive energy work. I studied at the School of Shamanic woman's craft with Jane Hardwicke-Collings where I felt deeply connected with my soul's mission as midwife. I am connecting now even more deeply with my cycles, doing my own ceremonies and connecting with Mother Earth. I recently studied a PgC in Quality care and Leadership at the Institution for Healthcare Improvement.


    In 2021 I moved back to the UK to work as Consultant Midwife, March-September, I was one of the senior leaders of maternity services advocating for women and promoting birth physiology. I am now in Italy working as independent midwife.

    In the last 10 years, until now, I have unlearnt and self-studied about birth physiology. I have attended many workshops, seminars, courses to keep midwifery knowledge alive. Now I am studying with dr. Gabor Mate on compassionate inquiry and wisdom of trauma, and with Bob Tennyson Stevens on conscious language.


    In this moment of my life, I am exploring different ways to gift the world of my talents and what I have learnt so far as woman and midwife. I offer personalised continuity of care based on ancient midwifery knowledge, intuitions, listening with love and empathy alternatively to what birth is experienced now - controlled, violent, passive and disconnected. Unfortunately physiology is almost lost. I am here helping and supporting women reclaiming their voice, their own wisdom and power.

    My dream is to quit old systems and paradigms, especially patriarchy, to embrace a new one where I can express myself, my voice and offer my talents as an independent professional. To work together as community. To come back to the roots of who we are, our inner power, so that women & individuals give birth like goddesses. To raise awareness on birthing consciously, gentling, physiologically, radically and wildly to heal our Earth, to heal us.