Placenta rituals and remedies

Placenta rituals and remedies

There are many rituals and traditions on placenta around the world. Placenta is a fantastic organ that sustained your baby throughout your pregnancy. In many cultures it is also a spiritual entity, a companion for your baby and it is believed to be sacred and honoured after birth because it's the spirit of your baby and will guard him/her.

The package includes:

- an initial consultation where you choose what you want to do with your placenta

Then your choice or different choices for your placenta:

- Take it home (if you are at the hospital)
- Lotus Birth or Mini Lotus Birth
- Cutting the cord with candles
- Rituals for your placenta before preparing your remedies or for the burial
- Remedies (tinctures, homeopathy) for the family
- Oils, balms, salts, shampoo
- Encapsulation
- Prints
- Placentophagy and Smoothies
- Use of membranes as plasters
- Use of the membranes to create a drum or a dreamcatcher
- Placenta readings (find out messages and spirit guide animals from your placenta)
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